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July 14, 2021


The Secret to Better Weight Loss: How You Can Kickstart a Keto Diet

Thanks to its effectiveness, the ketogenic (keto) diet has become rather popular in recent years, especially among people who want to shed weight healthily in a short period of time, improve their heart health and generally live a healthier lifestyle by adopting better eating habits and exercise.

However, the restrictive nature of the diet and misconceptions make it difficult for individuals who are foreign to the diet to get it “right” on their first try. This is why many newbies seeking to reap the benefits of the keto diet often end up making mistakes on their first attempt and choose to give up on the diet altogether.

For the benefit of individuals looking to give the keto diet a shot, a general rule of thumb would be to take note of what foods to eat and which options to avoid. Read on for a comprehensive list of tips from AMAZING LOKARB™ to kickstart a keto diet for the very first time.

1. Find Out What Foods to Avoid

The most basic rule of the keto diet is to ensure that your calorie consumption stays below 20 grams of carbohydrates every day. Abiding by this simple rule will allow you to lose weight and help you reach your health goals faster and more successfully.

While doing the keto diet, it is highly recommended to avoid the following foods and drinks:

  • Sugary foods such as fizzy drinks, cakes, and smoothies rich in sugar and carbohydrates
  • Low-fat diet products such as low-fat mayonnaise
  • Unhealthy fats, including processed vegetable oil and trans fat
  • Alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and liquor

These foods should be avoided for the duration of the diet because they are full of sugar and starch, and they are also much higher in carbohydrates. Keep in mind that the goal of the ketogenic diet is to reduce carbohydrate intake and to replace it with fat instead.

2. Find Out What Foods to Eat

In general, the keto diet simply requires you to eat foods that are low in carbohydrates, such as:

  • Meat - red meat and chicken
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Selected nuts and seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Selected fruits such as avocados
  • Natural fats such as olive oil and butter

If carbohydrates are an essential part of your daily meals, you can opt for low-carbohydrate options such as low-carbohydrate pasta or noodles to replace plain rice.

3. Plan Your Meals For a Week

Keto diet is not easy, but with proper planning, you’ll increase the chances of achieving your health goals tremendously. Planning will also reduce the likelihood of yourself falling off the wagon again.

For instance, you can plan your weekly meals to include your favourite proteins such as meat, fish, chicken, and eggs, preferably served with fresh greens and a side of low-carbohydrate zucchini noodles or covered in cheese. These are some of the easiest to make keto meals with ingredients that are readily available.

If you are unsure where to buy keto-friendly food products in Singapore, you can simply purchase keto-friendly, ready-to-eat meals online at AMAZING LOKARB™ to avoid the hassle of planning for your carbohydrates for every meal.

4. Anticipate Failure

It is worth pointing out that the keto diet involves a high level of discipline that is not easy to commit. Be prepared to face cravings for food that is not allowed for this diet. To overcome such cravings, prepare snacks in advance, such as snack bars, Greek yoghurt, cheese, and dark chocolate that will allow you to curb your need to snack and also stay aligned with your diet.

Humans are creatures of habit and prone to temptations, so don’t be so hard on yourself if you fail to stick to the keto diet meal plan on your first or even second attempt. Give yourself a keto cheat day when the going seems too tough. Start slow and give the diet a go for a few days, then gradually incorporate it into your lifestyle and daily life once you feel more comfortable.


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